DYnamite - X-ray inspection system
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DYnamite 120-160 - X-ray inspection system

DYnamite 120-160

Products that may be inspected:


To best meet requirements from an increasingly complex and competitive market, Dylog has divided its range of vertical ray “belt” machines into three subgroups, starting with the DYlight/DYmond (low power) range and continuing with the DYnamite range, which is based on the Dyxim FB for inspections of thick, dense and heavy products.

Machines in the DYnamite range have been designed according to criteria based on twenty years of experience in various sectors of the food industry. This type of machine is particularly suited for sites with frequent washing and has an IP rating of IP65 (IP69K available on request), thanks to dedicated design solutions.

Depending on the product to inspect, machines in the DYnamite range can be configured as modular with a system of lead guards for the requirements of any type of application. The user-friendly software interface, optimised and easy to use mechanical solutions make the machines simple to use like lower-range inspection systems.

These machines are equipped with:
  • a generator connected to an X-ray tube (water-cooled with a closed circuit cooler outside the machine), both with a 1000W capacity via a high voltage cable
  • 0.8 or 0.4 mm d.p. detectors
  • modular product handling system with motor-driven drum.

Depending on the type of product to inspect and power used, different configurations are possible for inspection tunnel opening and for the size of the guards.

The main components (belt, shutters, generator, detector) can be removed quickly and simply, thanks to an entirely new design.

Dylog software for contaminant detection guarantees a high level of performance; the new filtering technology and parallel image processing ensure noise-free, contrasted images, increasing the scanning speed.

It is also possible to identify missing product parts and check total or partial product weight, with screens that can easily be configured.

Multi-line inspection, for up to 8 lines, ensures total flexibility in ejecting contaminated products.

Remote control of the machine is available, along with a 5-level password-protected system, for a large number of operators to work, each with his/her own password.
Production and machine use data are stored on a redundant basis, to guarantee the utmost security and are easy to consult, with the automatic production of reports.

Because of their generous size and adaptability to particular environments, DYnamite machines are particularly suitable for the inspection of cheeses, with the possibility to control seasoning levels and implement interface systems with cutting machines to correctly position the product.

Power 500 W – High performance metal-ceramic tube 
Detector resolution 0.8 mm 
Conveyor belt speed Up to 80 m/min
Curtains Lead-free 
Safety switch / interlock SIL 3 Category IV PLe, magnetic
HMI 15” LCD – touch screen
Operating temperature 5–40 °C 
Relative humidity 20%–90% (non-condensing)
Power supply 230 VAC ±10% (standard) single-phase
Compressed air 5.5–6.9 bar
Cooling External water cooler (closed circuit) 1900 W; air/air heat exchanger 690 W
Radiation protection FDA CFR 21 part 1020.40
International Protection Rating (IP) IP65 (except for the external water cooler)
Connectivity Options Ethernet available with communication protocols: Modbus TCP (standard), OPC–DA, OPC–UA, XML messages on TCP, others on request
Production data trail Complete records on parameters, users and products


Area that may be inspected:

DYnamite 120 DYnamite 160


Size (mm):

DYnamite 120
DYnamite 160