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DYmond D

Dymond D - Controllo qualità a raggi-x Dymond D - Controllo qualità a raggi-x

Products that may be inspected:


With two X-ray control systems positioned at 90°, the Dymond D provides a dual point of view (exclusive Dylog patent), guaranteeing a level of safety that is two-fold.

Thanks to this system, the Dymond D can inspect any type of container, with a detection probability close to 100%. The Dymond D range can identify contaminants below caps, on the bottom and edges of containers and wide but thin pieces of glass, with a performance that is far superior to that obtained using standard X-ray units.

  • The orthogonal double point of view: exclusive Dylog patent, which increase the detection performances of the single point of view
  • X-ray power: from 2000 Watts (low X-ray energy) up to 3600 Watts (high X-ray energy)
  • Detector: linear, long life in-house technology, available in multiple configurations depending on line speed (up to 120 meters/minute) and resolution (from 0.4 to 0.8 mm)
  • Performs filling level and volume control
  • Intelligent software for any kind of container

Maximum speed

Up to 100 m/min

IP rating


Processing unit

Industrial PC, latest-generation Pentium processor

User interface

Windows 7 platform with statistical management of production and remote management possible


21.5” LCD touchscreen

X-ray generators

2 constant potential generators, 99 kV 10mA

X-ray emitters

2 99kV, 30 mA ceramic metal tubes, with collimator, 3 mm focal point

X-ray detectors

3 linear detectors, 0.4mm d.p.

Electrical input

10 kW max


50/60 Hz

Compressed air

4 bar

Detector scan rate

up to 2800 lines/second

Belt speed

up to 80 m/min

Minimum distance between products

1 diameter



Safety switches - interlock

SIL 3. Category IV PL E, magnetic


English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch

Operating temperature

+5°C to +40°C with conditioner

Relative humidity

20% -90% (no condensate)

Power supply

230 VAC ±10% (standard) 


External 3.5 kW water cooler (closed circuit)

USB port

yes - external

Network output


Radiation protection

FDA CFR 21 part 1020,40

International Protection Rating (IP)

IP34 with standard conditioner, IP65 with Nema4X conditioner

Detector scan rate

up to 2800 lines/second


Area that may be inspected:


Size (mm):