DYlight S - Entry level X-ray inspection system
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DYlight S

Products that may be inspected:

DyLight - X-ray ispection system


To best meet requirements from an increasingly complex and competitive market, Dylog has added the new DYlight S to its long-established range of side beam inspection machines - which can be classified as a smaller version of the DYmond S unit.

The DYlight S was designed to supply the market with a specific device for products in light and compact (plastic jars and bottles, brick-packs etc), for which a very low power is sufficient.

Total compliance with hygiene/sanitary requirements of the food industry and very simple maintenance mean the machine can be used for long periods without the need for any operations by specialist technicians.

The modular hardware and extensive range of functions available via the software interface make the new DYlight S perfect for all customer requirements.

After-sales service for DYlight/DYmond machines is overseen by an international organization (*), and customers can contact Dylog specialist technicians via a remote assistance service, easily accessible directly from the machine’s software interface.

Plug&play system, ideal for the inspection of light container plastic jars/bottles and brick cartons), the DYlihgt S can be installed on an existing straight conveyor belt, aligning the tube and detector simply and quickly, thanks to a smart system based on numbered notches.

Featuring an innovative design, all main internal components are easy to access and replace, and all internal parts of the machine are easy to reach and wash.

The Dylog contaminant detection software ensures a high performance level; thanks to new filtering technology and parallel elaboration, the X-ray images are almost noiseless with a high contrast level even at high product speed.

The innovative hardware design is coupled with an entirely new software interface for the Dymond S, that combines user friendlines with a complete set of functions, the result of over 20 years of experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Sophisticated algorithms constantly refined provide excellent performances even when compared to systems with higher power.
The machine can be controlled from remote and features a 5-level password security system allowing to track the activity of each operator, logging in with a unique password.

Production and usage data are redundantly stored to grant top-notch level security, while the data accessibility is granted by easy to read automatic reports.

The system is compatible with the strictest control protocols implemented by the food industry largest companies.

Power 100 W
Detector resolution 0.8 mm
Conveyor belt speed Up to 50 m/min
Conveyor height 850-1100 mm
Minimum distance between products 10 mm
Curtains Unleaded FDA approved
Safety switches - interlocks SIL 3 Category IV PLe, magnetic
HMI 15” LCD – touch screen
Operating temperature 5-35°C
Relative humidity 20%–90% (non condensing)
Power supply 230 VAC ±10% (standard)
Compressed air 5.5 - 6.9 bar
Cooling Air fans or air conditioner Nema 4X 300 W
Radiation protection FDA CFR 21 part 1020.40
International Protection Rating (IP) IP54 with air fans / Nema 4X with air conditioner
Connectivity Options Ethernet available with communication protocols: Modbus TCP (standard), OPC–DA, OPC–UA, XML messages on TCP, others on request
Production data trail Complete records on parameters, users and products


Area that may be inspected:


Size (mm):