X-ray inspection systems for manufactured products in general
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X-ray inspection for special applications

Dylog develop inspection systems for a number of sectors such as cosmetics (air bubbles, that would prevent the pump inside spray containers from working, can be detected) and manufacturing in general.

For some types of inspection, the machine generates an image that enables the operator to identify conforming from nonconforming products, in the same way as airport controls. In other cases, such as food and pharmaceutical applications, the software displays the image acquired by the detector and can “process” it in real time, so that nonconformities can be automatically removed.

For example, systems are installed at companies that manufacture:

  • Clothing - images of packaged items are displayed for the operator to check for pins and buttons inside
  • Sports’ equipment - the correct drilling of holes in snow boards is automatically tested
  • Orthopaedic implants - images are displayed for the operator to check that packs for operating theatres are complete; all metal parts in individual implants are detected.

More complex inspection systems are also being studied, to operate together with other industrial machines, such as wood cutters.

With X-ray technology, Dylog can also scan objects that are extremely long (such as beams for the building or furniture industries), to identify internal defects (gnarls) that are not visible using standard camera systems.