Dylog Hi Tech - X-ray inspection systems

X-ray inspection and detection

Quality control has become a strategic and decisive factor for leading companies and for businesses that aspire to get ahead.

The identification and inspection of products, and possible identification of contaminants may be fundamental for a business’s success.

This is why Dylog is committed each day to giving its customers worldwide excellence in the sector.

The non-destructive X-ray testing solutions (X-ray inspections) for the food and pharmaceutical industries, designed and marketed by the Hi Tech Division, have been an astounding success.

More than 2,000 systems installed in over 70 countries and over 500 customers, with an 80% market share. Dylog has gained this competitive edge in over 15 years in the X-ray detection sector, thanks to a winning technology.

Its staff of highly-qualified researchers and engineers is dedicated to developing machines that combine electro-mechanical, electronic and IT solutions which are at the forefront of the industry worldwide.

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Food industry

Dylog machines for the detection of food contaminants and X-ray food inspections make it possible to inspect a wide rage of packaged products of any kind and size: in rigid or soft packaging, in bags, packs and trays, glass or metal jars and bottles, Tetra Brik cartons and in bulk. Products are all inspected without affecting productivity or the operating flow of lines.

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Pharmaceutical industry

Dylog manufactures three different types of machines for the inspection and detection of contaminants in packaging such as blisters, bags, glass and plastic vials and bottles, with contents of any type, density, shape and colour. Dylog’s X-ray technology is continually evolving, with major investments in innovation, to guarantee cutting-edge solutions.

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Special applications

X-ray inspection systems can be used in different sectors. This is why Dylog has been manufacturing its X-ray inspection machines for years - for various sectors (clothing, sports’ equipment, orthopaedic implants, semi-finished goods in wood and many other items...) to detect contaminants and structural imperfections that are not visible using standard camera systems.

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The range of Dylog machines


DYmond 40-80-120-160


DYlight S





DYmond S-DSV-D-M